cute but psycho.

Isabelle Maria, 21. Brasil.
PISCES-ARIES CUSP; Aries Sun; Cancer Rising; Scorpio Moon; Pisces Venus.
tudo que nunca te disse, dentro dessas margens
 psycho(s) here

I can’t tell my woman from the man
She is dressed in the same pollution
Her mind is confused with confusion
To my problem seems there’s never never no solution
I’ve become a night-life raver
And I’m begging you please don’t let me down
Night-life ravers, night-life raver
Please, please don’t let me down


Carla Cerati
From “Forma di Donna” (Female form) 1978

via Scarfolk

Morgiana, 1972, Juraj Herz

 I was filled with poison

But blessed with beauty and rage

Him told me that

He hit me and it felt like a kiss

He used to call me poison

Like I was poison ivy

I could have died right there

Cause he was right beside me

Him raised me up

He hurt me but it felt like true love

Him taught me that

Loving him was never enough

This is ultraviolence